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Want to naturally conceive healthy,
beautiful children?

If you could wave a magic wand and give your future child robust
health for life - would you do it?
You already have the power to positively and powerfully shape your future child’s health... you just need a roadmap!

In Dr. Roy Dittmann's upcoming webinar, Conceiving Your Extraordinary Baby in a Toxic World, he reveals the triggers for autism and birth defects as well as the keys to conceiving an extraordinary child.

In celebration of Dr. Dittmann's new book, "Brighton Baby: The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception," join him for this
exclusive 60-minute webinar event!

In his webinar you will discover that conceiving without strengthening your body beforehand is
like playing Russian Roulette with your child's future.

  • How to prepare yourself before you conceive to give your child radiant health and intelligence!
  • Practical solutions to help you overcome infertility, and decrease birth defect risk.
  •  Practical breakthroughs based on the latest science of epigenetics, ancient wisdom, and over three decades of perinatal experience by one of America's leading perinatal health experts.
  •   Information that every parent and future parent must know in order to navigate conceiving extraordinary children in this toxic, confusing world.
This is the most important hour you will spend in 2013 as a parent or parent-to-be!
Positively impact your family for generations to come.

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Consider this startling truth:
today, 1 in 2 children suffer from one or more debilitating health conditions,
and 1 in 4 couples cannot conceive naturally.

Up until now, most of us do not consider the impact of our actions in the years leading up to the moment of conception. But epigenetic research clearly shows that your lifestyle, the toxins you are exposed to, and the foods you eat before you conceive directly impact your future child.

With autism on the rise and mounting evidence that childhood obesity, asthma, depression, and learning disabilities are linked to conditions in the womb, future parents deserve answers!
This webinar gives couples the tools they need to develop their own preconception plan.

Discover the secrets to conceiving an extraordinary, healthy child, and learn how to naturally boost your reproductive health and the wellbeing of both you and your future baby.


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Conceiving Your Extraordinary Child in a Toxic World
features the Four Principles of The Brighton Method and the
Six Secrets to getting your body ready to conceive.


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