a revolutionary organic approach to having an extraordinary child

Brighton Baby 5-Week Webinar Series

Brighton Baby Five Week Webinar Series:
Giving You the Tools You Need To Conceive
An Extraordinary Child

Week 1: Introduction to The Brighton Method
(Ch. 1-3)

  • Overview
  • Top 20 Things To Do Before You Conceive
  • Your preconception Brighton Plan
  • Declaration to Your Unborn Child


Week 2: Your Preconception Health
(Ch. 5-7, 8-17)

  • Health assessment
  • Causes and solutions for infertility, miscarriages, and birth defects
  • The truth about vaccines and other perinatal land mines


Week 3: Preconception Nutrition and Elimination of Toxins
(Ch. 22-28)

  • Brighton’s Preconception Diet
  • Brighton’s Preconception 24-Week Detox


Week 4: Total Body Hygiene - Reducing Chronic Infections and Inflammation
(Ch. 18-20)

  • Total body hygiene: why ear, nose, throat, and urogenital infections are far more common than we realize, and why this matters to your unborn child
  • Tying it all together - how hygiene, diet, and lifestyle contribute to conceiving an extraordinary child

Week 5: Special Guest!
(Ch. 9)

  • How to create a truly eco-healthy bedroom sanctuary for you (and for your baby)
  • Reviewing Your Brighton Plan
  • Summary of course; Resources


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Week 6: Men's Preconception Health

(Ch. 19, 30, 37)

  • Top 10 Things That Affect Sperm Health
  • How To Balance Your Hormone Levels
  • Turbocharge Your Libido
  • Dietary, Supplement, and Detoxification Advice for Men for a Healthy Conception


Week 7: Women's Reproductive Health
(Ch. 19, 30, 35-36)

  • The Importance of Balancing Out the Menstrual Cycle Before Conception
  • Supernutrition for Women
  • Are Endometriosis, Fibroids, Headaches, and Painful Periods Really Just Part of Being a Woman?
  • On Fibroids and Cysts
  • Breast Health


Week 8: Deepening Intimacy and Bonding, Sexual Secrets
(Ch. 38-40)

  • Clearing Toxic Beliefs & Emotions
  • Cultivating Polarity In Your Relationship
  • Deepening Intimacy
  • Seduction, Sacred Foreplay
  • The Problem With Porn
  • 9 Levels of Orgasm
  • Great Sex for Powerful, Conscious Conception


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